Feb 28, 2021

He walked fast
Covered his face
He was rubbing coat’s hems on his face
He was glancing at the around
And taking longer and faster steps.
It looked like a midnight
The lights were blinking in turn
The shadows gripped the city.
The monster of fear enclosed his existence
He was looking sharp at the around
There is a sound.
He stopped
The sound was severed
He stepped a few
There was a sound.
The sound was going louder and louder simultaneously with steps
nearer and nearer.

There is no opportunity
He had to get away sooner
Slung himself into a darker alley.
But heigh-ho
The shadow was there.
In a moment
There was nothing left except a torn shoe…

writer :

Alireza Hezareh

Wishes are drowned in the darkness of need
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