Marathon Digital Holdings’s MaraPool has finally signaled for Taproot while seemingly backing away from its controversial compliance push

MaraPool, the mining pool of controversial Bitcoin mining company Marathon Digital Holdings, has signaled for Taproot, adopting version 0.21.1 of the Bitcoin Core client software.       
Until recently, it was hesitant to join the green square crowd, which drew the ire of the Bitcoin community.

Marathon CEO Fred Thiel says that the company is “committed” to the community’s key tenants in his statement:     

Marathon is committed to the core tenets of the Bitcoin community, including decentralization, inclusion, and no censorship.

Earlier this month, Marathon’s pool also came under severe criticism after censuring transactions by mining only “clean” OFAC-compliant blocks, which is anathema to Bitcoin’s ethos. However, the company is now seemingly backpedaling on its compliance push

Bitcoin’s biggest upgrade in years is now likely to be activated within the current two-week difficulty era.

The feature—which will make Bitcoin’s multi-signature transactions more efficient and private—will likely go live in November, according to crypto guru Andreas Antonopoulos.

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