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These days, everyone is looking to buy bitcoin

The price is rising every moment

It tempts everyone

But for how long?

This will definitely not always be the case

Everything has its time

And now is the time for bitcoin

The price of bitcoin goes up until many people are tempted

And be willing to buy the stored bitcoins of the capitalists

And with that very high price of bitcoin, they make a lot of money

And then bitcoin starts to disappear

Because capitalists no longer allow the emergence of a phenomenon

And it’s time for new coins to take over the market

By destroying bitcoins, many coins gain the ability to multiply

And the destruction of bitcoin will probably start with finding a flaw

On the other side of the story

Governments will not allow bitcoin to become popular

Because it creates a lot of dangers for them

It is untraceable

With the proliferation of quantum computers and artificial intelligence

In the next decade

The codes of these digital currencies are broken

And they become useless game codes

And if we look at the present

Bitcoin is very expensive

And no longer for the whole community

It has a high transfer fee

Has a low number

The future requires high-end digital money, cheap and available to all people, as well as low transfer fees

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AliReza Hezareh

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