The young girl was waiting for the car.
It was midnight.
A bus appeared in the middle of the street.
Slowly she stood in front of the little girl.
The girl was surprised.
It’s night time and the bus!
The driver came in with a pink pout and big eyes glared at him.
However, the bus was better and safer than personal cars.
He went up the stairs.
Several people were still on the bus.
An old woman, a boy and a middle-aged man
Somewhere in the second row.
Everyone was quiet.
They didn’t even shake their heads.
The moment she looked out the window.
A strange sound came.
She looked around.
The young boy was not in the bus.
But the bus didn’t stop.
How it got off.
The two no longer had any reaction.
The girl’s heart beat faster and faster.
He was sweating.
He put his hand on her heart and took deep breaths to calm her down.
Suddenly, a few drops of oil like oil fell on his hand.
The hand on the edge of the chair.
When he wanted to look at her.
His hands were wrapped in a plastic chair.
Whatever you kill and force it to no avail.
A middle-aged man asked for help.
Whatever they called, they didn’t respond.
The old woman had her face drawn up like a rubber that had been warmed up and her facial skin poured over her legs.
The girl screamed loudly.
ـ Driver, Driver, Must, Assistance
But no one heard her.
Maybe there was no one to hear it!
A few drops poured something like oil on his face.
He looked up.
The bus bar was melted like plastic.
The inside was getting smaller and smaller.
The chair swallowed the girl over time.
He didn’t feel his body.
The little girl couldn’t do anything.
he yelled, he shouted, he screamed.
Screams that deafened any listener’s ears.

one Hours after midnight.
In the middle of a quiet street
You were see dragging a black mass into a darker alley.

Fate of the girl


Alireza Hezareh

Wishes are drowned in the darkness of need
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