General nutrition: Experts advise sticking with healthy, nutrient-rich foods as part of a weight-gaining diet (rather than loading up on caloric, but not nutritious, foods such as candy, chips, and soda). They may also suggest eating five or six smaller meals a day rather than three larger ones. All of this is similar to the advice for the bulking phase of the bodybuilding diet.

Safety: Especially if they heed the advice to favor nutritious foods, this diet is generally safe for people who need it—for example, people who take certain medicines that suppress appetite or cause weight loss.

Practicality: Eating healthy, whole foods is not as convenient as ordering pizza or hitting the drive-through. So even though the goal is weight gain instead of weight loss, this is not necessarily a quick and easy option.

Sustainability: Although it can be difficult for people with decreased appetite, this diet is safe to follow for long periods of time if it’s necessary.

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