Carl Icahn says Ethereum is both a store of value and a payment system

During a Bloomberg TV interview, Icahn Enterprises founder Carl Icahn had some words of praise for Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, claiming that it can function as both a store of value and a payment system:

With Ethereum, it’s the underlying blockchain. So, Ethereum has two things — you can use it as a payment system, you can use it as a store of value.

When it comes to Bitcoin, the American businessman—whose net worth is estimated to be $15.6 billion—says that it can only serve as a store of value:

So Ethereum and Bitcoin are different. Bitcoin to me is just a store of value.     

Icahn is not the only Ethereum-curious billionaire. Earlier this week, hedge fund legend Ray Dalio, who now owns Bitcoin, also said that Ethereum’s transactions are more efficient.

A $1 billion bet

While Icahn is yet to make a foray into crypto, he wants to eventually do it in a “big way”:

I’m looking at the whole business, and how I might get involved in it…

The activist investor claims that he could put over $1 billion into digital currencies.

Overall, he thinks that crypto is here to stay but warns that many cryptocurrencies issued today will not survive

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